PLA and PBAT biodegradable & compostable resins and products.

Products including:

1.PLA raw material with blow molding,PLA resins with blister molding,PLA resins with injection molding.PBAT raw material with blow molding.

2.PLA transparent sheet;

3.PLA high transparency film.

4.Compostable mulch films

5.PLA blister products,such as PLA cold drink cup,PLA cup lid,PLA disposable container,PLA meat tray,PLA meal box.

6.PLA injection molding products,such as PLA fork,PLA spoon,PLA knife and so on.

7.100% biodegradable & compostable plastic packing bags, such as T-shirt shopping bag,kitchen waste bag,dog poop bag,trash bag and so on.

Degradation Processing: 1. Compost degradation (also called compost decomposition) The composting condition has a temperature of 60 ° C and a relative humidity of 90%. The main mechanism of degradation is hydrolysis, which is catalyzed by temperature, and then the bacteria are eroded by residual debris, and all of them are decomposed within 6 months.
2. Land embedding degradation The bio-based plastic film is buried in the soil and buried with other organic waste materials, and will be completely decomposed within 6 months.
3. Degradation in activated sludge Mainly through the large number of bacteria, the bio-based plastics are rapidly decomposed, generally only 1-2 months, the product strength is completely lost.
4. Seawater impregnation degradation The principle is similar to the land embedding method.

100% Biodegradable Plastic Product
Production Process:  Raw Materials (PLA、PBAT、Starch、Additive)→Twin screw extruder(air cooling strand pelletizer) → PLA resin/ PBAT Alloy resin→Blow film/ Bag making machine / Injection molding machine/ Blow molding machine→ Final products
100% Biodegradable Plastic Product: Plastic Bags,  Plastic cup lids, Plastic plates
Client Factory

What is the solution

We will provide the following details:

1,Formula of PLA/PBAT Resin :Combination ratio of PLA+PBAT+Starch+Additives

2,Granules making machine : Twin screw extruder (Air cooling strand pelletizing line)

3,Bag making machine(Optional): Blow film machine+Printing machine+Garbage/Vest bag making machine

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