The Main Reason causing color difference of Color Masterbatch

As we know,color difference directly affects the quality and price of colored Masterbatch.

How to reduce the color difference?

There are three main reasons causing color difference of color master batch:

1. Color masterbatch manufacturer must be cold. Do not allow the material to stay in the extruder for a long time. The extrusion die of the extruder is blocked, and the material in the barrel can also cause discoloration. Heat resistant material can not be two granulates.

      2. Such as pearl effect is too good, can reverse operation: pearl effect is very poor, then reduce the screw speed, raise temperature, or change the role of small screw. Replacement of the color difference caused by the extruder, mainly due to the different shear deformation caused by different.

3. Easy decomposition of PVC resin, the production can not be shut down, so as not to focus and color. Such as toner shear resistance, it can be appropriate to reduce the temperature and improve the speed of the screw, so that the viscosity of the solution to join, the transfer of large shear, promote the dispersion of toner, tinting strength. Such as bead light mother pearl effect is slightly poor, can improve the temperature, so that the viscosity of the solution to reduce, reduce the shear viscosity of the pearl particle size smaller effect.

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